The Benefits of Arm and Hand Massage

Arms and Hand Massage

The Benefits of Arm and Hand Massage
Our arms and hands are in constant use in our everyday activities in the home, at work and in our leisure pursuits. It is not surprising that they are prone to so many injuries. Massage can afford a great deal of relief.

Hand Massage
Stroke the back of your hand, pushing firmly up toward the wrist and gliding back gently. Then squeeze the hand all over, pressing it between your palm and your fingers.
Squeeze each finger all over and make circular pressures over the joints with your thumb. Then hold the finger at its base and pull it gently to stretch it, sliding your grip up the finger and off the tip.
Stroke between the tendons on the back of the hand with your thumb. Stroke in the furrow to the wrists doing four strokes in each furrow.

Turn your hand over and support the back with your fingers. Do firm circular and static pressures with your thumb, working all over the palm and around the wrist.
Finish the massage by stroking the palm of your hand from the fingers to the wrist. Push into it with the heel of your other hand, then glide gently back and repeat. If you end your massage with your hands, this is a good time to apply a hand lotion to them.

But do not:
work over recent fractures
massage directly over areas of inflammation such as swollen joints
massage directly over recent scar tissue
massage infectious skin conditions
use heavy pressure where the skin is thin or bruises easily
use heavy pressure on the delicate area at the front of the elbow joint (cubital fossa).