Foot Massage: What You Need To Learn

Foot Massage

Foot Massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats that you can give yourself or others.

The Benefits of Foot Massage
Our feet have to support the weight of our entire body and they also act as shock absorbers – no wonder they feel so tired at the end of a hard day! Massage of the feet is marvellous for relaxation and it is remarkable how refreashed and revitalized the whole body feels after a foot massage. Treatment of the feet helps to relieve aches and pains and maintains flexibility and suppleness. Regular foot massage improves the circulation dramatically (feet are often cold) and prevents cramp in the sole of the foot by making sure that the muscles are cleansed of toxins.

The Effects Of Foot Massage

Foot massage can produce a calming and soporific effect on the physical system or an invigorating one. Soft strokes will reduce anxiety and induce a good sleep. A gentle foot massage is a perfect antidote to stress and insomnia, while more vigorous strokes and deeper pressure will boost a sluggish system.

How to Give the Foot Massage
Before the Massage:
A foot massage can be performed at any time you wish or as part of a home pedicure procedure. If a partner is involved, have the one receiving the foot massage recline against a big pillow on the sofa or bed to fully relax the entire body. Foot massage feels really great if the whole body is at ease.

If you’re going solo, find a comfortable chair, preferably one with padded arms and a foot rest, such as a recliner. Sit back, prop one foot in your lap and let t he other rest extended in front of you, and massage those feet until they smile.

The Massage
Begin with clean, dry feet. Soak feet in a warm soapy bath for a few minutes and then dry completely to clean and soften the tissue of the feet, if you can.

Sit in a comfy chair and prop your left foot up on your right knee in a comfortable position for you.
Put some of the lotion or massage oil in your hands, or dab it on your feet and simply rub the lotion or oil into your foot using firm fingers, so it won’t tickle. Once you’ve successfully rubbed the lotion or oil into your foot, the real massage will begin!

Wrap your hands around your feet with the thumbs on the soles and fingers on the top. Start by simply making circular motions with your thumbs and cover the entire area of the heel, soles, ball and toes. Then, use your thumbs to make long, deep strokes on the soles of your feet from the heel to the balls of your feet. If you feel some soreness in one area, spend some extra time there to soften it up.

Don’t forget your toes! Spend a minute on each toe, one at a time, rubbing and massaging it all the way to the tip. Use small circular motions, and then long strokes from base to tip, and don’t forget in-between the toes too. Finally, pull each toe away from the foot, but don’t pull too hard, just gently.

Once you’re done with your toes, focus on the foot as a whole a 800 gain. Wrap both hands around the foot, like you would hold a cylindrical object (such as a glass) with the thumbs on the soles again. Now pull your hands outward from the center of the sole of your feet to the sides, and continue over the whole area of the foot. Your thumbs will be massaging the soles & sides of your feet, while your other fingers will cover the top area of the foot. This one feels great!

Do the twist! Take your foot in your hands and gently rotate it from the ankle – first to the right, and then to the left. Then twist the foot gently from side to side to loosen up the ankle even more.
Finally, massage the entire foot again, like when you rubbed the lotion or oil into it.

After the massage
Wipe the soles of your feet with a towel to prevent your feet from being slippery. Slip into some wonderful heavy cotton socks or favorite (clean) slippers.

But do not:
use heavy pressure on varcoise veins or where a person has thin skin and/or bruises easily (e.g. diabetic) massage over recent scar tissue or painful areas massage directly over contagious skin conditions – for example athlete’s foot, verrucae etc.

massage firmly on to corns or blisters if it causes pain use too much oil as this will make some of the movements impossible to perform.