Courses about chinese therapies

Any ESPS theory course is available as a continuing education course for the experienced, certified therapist who desires expanded professional knowledge and skills.

ESPS offers:

Tuina Acupressure Systemic
40 hours – This module is patterned after Dr. Chong’s system and covers the use of Tuina acupressure for general conditions. Of particular importance is Tuina Energy which is useful on clients with systemic complaints such as cold, flu or even a stomach ache. Other topics are: Tuina Stomach, Tuina Kidney/Bladder, Tuina Lung, Pediatric Tuina and more.

Tuina Acupressure Musculoskeletal
40 hours – This module augments Systemic Tuina by addressing the use of Tuina Acupressure for the Musculoskeletal system. Each Tuina module covers areas of the body commonly affected in many clients. These include: Neck pain, Carpel Tunnel syndrome, Low Back pain, Pediatric Tuina and more.

100 hours – The author of the book, A Massage Therapists Guide to Pathology, has completed this audio tape series. It is a very comprehensive compilation of conditions and disorders. She covers when massage is contraindicated or indicated for many of the skin conditions, Musculoskeletal disorders and all other major body systems. Invaluable for the professional!

Shiatsu Therapy
50 hours – Using the Shiatsu Therapy of Toru Namikoshi, you will learn many different applications for Shiatsu Therapy. With this course you will learn the Full Body treatment, a Self administered-Shiatsu treatment and many other treatments for a variety of pathological conditions. These include: Club feet in children, Constipation, Frozen shoulder, writers cramp, Sinusitis, Migraines and more.

Oriental Meridians
50 hours – Oriental Meridians is a course in which you will study all the meridians and all the points associated with each meridian. You will also know the difference between the Tone, Source, Sedation and Passage points. With that knowledge you will be able to help your clients using specific “trigger” points to stimulate the meridians.