Abdomen Massage: What You Need To Learn

Abdomen Massage

Abdominal massage is considered as an excellent self massage for adults. The abdomen is the softest, least-protected area of the body and is, therefore, an area of great vulnerability for many people. This could be so perhaps because it contains our vital organs and is apparently a very intimate part of our body.

The Benefits of Abdominal Massage
Constipation, bloatedness and flatulence can be relieved. If the problem is chronic then diet and nutrition should be altered.

After an operation (e.g. Caesarean or appendix), once scar tissue has begun to heal, massage will help to prevent adhesion formation and scar contractures.

If there is visceroptosis (prolapse of the viscera) where the contents of the addomen drop to a lower level, massage will help if it is combined with exercise, provided that there is still some tone left in the muscles. If muscle tone is restored to the outer wall by massage then the internal organs may be held in a normal position. Visceroptosis may occur due to incorrect posture, abdominal surgery, inadequate support or insufficient muscle toning after childbirth.

It is a massage treatment on the abdomen and back that works to soften musculature, align the pelvic bones, adjust the uterus to its proper position, release muscular armoring in the trunk and enhance circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, elimination, and secretion of hormones.

Abdominal Massage Steps
On the abdomen, use very slow circling movements in the clockwise direction to aid the digestive process. Make sure your partner is comfortable and relaxed with this movement.
Oil in large circles working aroun the navel in a clockwise direction, using both hands. Continue circling the abdomen and begin to work little more firmly using the fingertips to make small circles.
Adjust the depth of the pressure to your partner’s comfort. If done slowly, deeper pressure can be very relaxing but do not overdo it.
The benefits that can be derived from abdominal massage are considerable.

But do not:
massage over recent scar tissue until it has healed and only then with the permssion of a doctor (once healing is established massage is excellent for preventing adhesions) massage where there is inflammation of any organs in the abdomen (e.g. gastritis, appendictis, colitis) massage the abdomen within one hour of a heavy meal use heavy pressure over the abdomen during pregnancy use heavy pressure during the first few days of menstruation if it is uncomfortable. encourage the receiver to talk or laugh during the abdominal massage because the muscles tighten making treatment impossible.

massage the abdomen if the bladder is full (suggest a visit to the lavatory prior to a treatment).